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Encyclopedia of Social Welfare Rights

New section - Welfare reform

Welfare reform updates


A. Benefits and Tax Credits

1. Income Support (updated August 2015)  (or download as PDF)

2. Jobseeker's Allowance (updated July 2015)  (or download as PDF)

3. DLA and Attendance Allowance (updated June 2015) (or download as PDF)

4. Incapacity Benefit* (updated March 2014) (or download as PDF)

Note: this section is for information purposes only. Migration from Incapacity Benefit to ESA is now complete

5. Social Fund (updated June 2015) (or download as PDF)

6. Housing Benefit (updated June 2015) (or download as PDF)

7. Tax Credits

8. Pension Credit (updated August 2015(or download as PDF)

9. Decision Making and Appeals (updated June 2015)  (or download as PDF)

10. Employment and Support Allowance (updated June 2015) (or download as PDF)

11. Benefit and Tax Credit Rates 2015-2016 (updated April 2015)


B. Community Care

1. Introduction to Community Care (updated September 2015) (or download as PDF)

2. Financing Residential Care (updated September 2015) (or download as PDF)

3. Benefits in Hospital and Respite Care (updated September 2015) (or download as PDF)


C. Employment

1. Rights of Employees (updated October 2015) (or download PDF)

2. Statutory Sick Pay (updated October 2015) (or download PDF) 


D. Immigration

Due to restrictions in funding, these notes have not been updated.

1. Marriage, Civil Partnership and Relationships: UK Rules

2. Marriage, Civil Partnership and Relationships: EEA Regulations



Appendix 1: Law Centre (NI)

Appendix 2: Social Security Offices

Appendix 3: Volunteering and Benefits

Appendix 4: Tax Credit Offices


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Encyclopedia of Rights was originally published with joint support from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and the Social Security Agency.

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