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Who We Are

We help people to understand and protect their rights

Scales of justice made up of people

45 years working for social justice in Northern Ireland

Since 1977, we have provided free and independent legal services, helping thousands of people to challenge decisions that affect their rights. We use the law to change people’s lives.

Our service focuses on three areas: Social Security, Employment and Immigration.

As well as providing direct support to the public, we provide assistance, legal information, professional learning and quality assurance to the advice sector in Northern Ireland. We empower advisers to provide the best possible support to their clients.

Our Policy Team works to influence changes to law, policy and practice that will make a long-lasting difference to people’s lives.

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We provide legal advice and representation, professional learning, legal information and policy services

Our services are available to the public and to advisers, with a special focus on specialist support to the advice sector in Northern Ireland.

Our legal work includes strategic litigation, which leads to outcomes that affect people’s lives throughout Northern Ireland and beyond.

Through our legal information and professional learning programme, we share our legal expertise to help others realise their legal rights.  

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