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Legal Support

We can provide support with legal issues relating to Social Security, Employment and Immigration

Social Security

Our Social Security Team provides advice and representation to challenge unfair social security decisions.

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Our Employment Team provides advice and representation on employment issues.

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Our Immigration Team provides advice and representation to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Read more about our Immigration legal work

We provide expert legal services in Social Security, Employment and Immigration to people in Northern Ireland. 

Our legal assistance service includes: 

  • Free telephone advice line on social security, employment and immigration issues. 
  • Legal representation in tribunals, including the social security appeal tribunal, industrial tribunals and asylum and immigration tribunal. 
  • Legal representation at appeals before the Social Security Commissioner.
  • Legal representation before the High Court and Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland.
  • Legal representation at the Supreme Court and Court of Justice of the European Union. 

In partnership with advice organisations throughout Northern Ireland, we engage with Government departments to try to solve clients’ problems without going to court or tribunal. 

Where out of court resolution is not possible, we represent clients at all levels of court and tribunal throughout Northern Ireland and the UK. 

We pursue strategic cases which challenge unfairness and raise public interest law issues. Many of our cases lead to important legal decisions that have wider significance in Northern Ireland and beyond. 

Our Terms of Service