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Our immigration and asylum hub advises on the law relating to EU free movement laws, family migration options, asylum and nationality laws...

Our immigration and asylum hub advises on the law relating to EU free movement laws, family migration options, asylum and nationality laws. The hub also provides representation before the Tribunals (Immigration and Asylum).

We prioritise our service based on urgency of need (impact on individuals and families), access to justice, and on matters that raise complex or technical legal issues or points of wider public importance.


Our casework encompasses both initial applications to UKVI and appeals from the First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum) right through to judicial reviews in the High Court, where there is merit.

We assist on a wide range of immigration issues, from family reunion applications to cases based on Article 8 (ECHR) private and family life.

We also have particular expertise in regularising the immigration status of young people in the care system and care leavers.

Our casework also encompasses representing victims of modern slavery to secure their rights including regularising immigration status where relevant.

In light of Brexit and the ongoing uncertainty around citizens rights, we have a keen interest in assisting European citizens and their family members to secure their rights. We can help with cases involving complex principles involving free movement of persons.

Our casework also involves assisting individuals to assert their right to work, access social security or healthcare etc, where immigration status has proven to be a barrier to this. We work closely with our colleagues in these cases.

Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme

In 2015, the Northern Ireland Executive offered to take a proportion of the Syrian refugees coming to the UK through the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement (VPR) Programme. This is a process by which the UK takes people who have fled the war in Syria directly from countries of refuge who are most in need, such as those requiring urgent medical treatment, survivors of torture, and women and children at risk. The scheme works with the UNHCR to identify the most vulnerable families and process the relevant documentation in the country of refuge so that they have refugee status when they arrive in the UK.

Law Centre NI is responsible for providing legal advice to Syrian refugees who have been given entry to NI under this scheme. This service involves tailored advice to individuals on areas such as travel rights, family reunion and travel document applications as well informing individuals on their legal rights and entitlements in NI.

Please get in touch if you or a family/person you are working with has been given entry under this scheme and requires advice.

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Immigration and Asylum Advice line (028 9024 4401): Wednesday to Friday, 09.30 - 13.00