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Legal information briefings

Legal information briefings are directed towards advisers and others who support social security claimants...

Personal Injury Compensation and Social Security Benefits (September 2017)

The amount of capital that a person possesses affects the amount of benefit to which they are entitled to. The rules on receipt of personal injury compensation are complicated and treated distinctly from other forms of capital.

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Supporting Homeless EEA Nationals: Identifying Benefit Entitlement (September 2017)

Advice organisations, homeless organisations and support workers may be asked to provide assistance to EEA nationals who have no entitlement to statutory support. Some may be long term unemployed or homeless and may have vulnerabilities – including addictions – which are exacerbated by their precarious living conditions. Signposting / advising those in these circumstances can be difficult because they are not entitled to the usual homelessness services which tend to be paid through Housing Benefit.

This paper explains how ‘Treaty rights’ are important for EEA nationals applying for benefits. It also sets out some questions for advisers/support organisations to consider with each client, which may help identify a benefit entitlement.

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Social Security Impact of Brexit (August 2016)

There is much uncertainty over the impact of leaving the European Union on social security for both EU nationals living in the UK, UK nationals living in EU countries, and cross-border workers (people who live on one side of border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and working in the other jurisdiction). In the short term, all current social security arrangements will remain as they are for EU nationals living in the UK, and for UK nationals living in other EU countries. In the medium term, there could be extensive changes.

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Mandatory Reconsideration and Direct Lodgement of Appeals (May 2016)

These important changes affect anyone challenging a social security decision made on or after 23 May 2016. However, they will potentially have the biggest impact on those in receipt of ESA or claiming ESA who receive an unfavourable decision.

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