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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheets provide accessible public information on immigration and asylum law issues...

Are you a migrant in Northern Ireland?

The deadline to register to vote in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections is 14 April. British, Irish, European Union and Commonwealth (including asylum seekers) citizens are all eligible to register. In addition to being able to take part in the elections, registering to vote enables you to obtain an Electoral ID card, which is an official form of ID.

The Migration Justice Project has published some information about voting for migrants.

Read it here.

Work permission for asylum seekers

A recent change in immigration law means that some asylum seekers will now be able to start work. It is important that asylum seekers follow the correct processes carefully.

STEP 1: Apply to the Home Office to request permission to work. Information available in


We have prepared template letters which can be used by solicitors to apply for permission to work for asylum seeker clients. There is a template letter for asylum seekers waiting for an outcome on an

Initial claim


Fresh claim

STEP 2: Apply for a National Insurance Number. Information available in


STEP 3: Consider how any income will affect your asylum support. Law Centre will publish further information on this.

Right to work for European citizens post Brexit

From 1 July 2021, European citizens and their family members require immigration status to live in the UK. European citizens starting a new job must now provide evidence of their right to work to their prospective employer. This briefing explains how European citizens can provide evidence of their right to work. It is primarily aimed at European citizens who are seeking employment. It provides answers to problems that may arise and outlines potential sources of help.

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FAQs: Applying for British Citizenship

Some migrants who have lived in Northern Ireland are keen to apply for British citizenship. This leaflet answers some questions you might have and gives you some things to think about before applying.

Download (PDF 178.066 KB)

FAQs: Travelling as a Refugee

A Refugee Travel Document is required if you wish to travel to another country. This FAQ explains the process that you are required to follow if you plan to apply

Download (PDF 156.288 KB)

FAQs: Family Reunion

Individuals who have been granted refugee status are entitled to bring their family members to join them in the UK in a process referred to as family reunion. This FAQ explains your entitlements, the requirements and the process.

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