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Asylum Claim Questionnaires

On 23 February 2023, the Home Office introduced a new process of asylum claim questionnaires. It is essential that asylum seekers respond to these questionnaires within the 20 working day deadline. Failure to do to so could result in the asylum claim being withdrawn. The Law Centre has produced a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that provides some basic information abut the questionnaires.

Migrant support organisations can play a helpful role in assisting their clients / service users / members to write to the Home Office to request an extension. Whereas the asylum questionnaires must be completed by a solicitor or OISC Level 2 regulated advisor, any support organisation can assist with extension applications.

Our briefing on requesting time extensions is aimed at support organisations. It explains the process for requesting time extensions and includes a template letter for support organisations to adapt.

Click HERE to download FAQ

Click HERE to download extension briefing & template letter