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COVID-19 immigration updates in one place

The Law Centre NI immigration hub have launched an immigration update that brings all the key information on contingency provisions to one place. The update aims to help advisers and people who work with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

“In this rapidly changing landscape of contingency provisions, we have been closely monitoring the Home Office’s response to issues relating to visa expiration dates and arrangements for the most vulnerable, i.e. asylum seekers, persons subject to immigration bail conditions and individuals with a ‘no recourse to public fund’ condition on their leave.”

“We have been monitoring the contingency arrangements for appeals hearings to ensure that the distinct jurisdictional issues in Northern Ireland are being adequately considered.”

“We have been working closely with our colleagues in the Social Security hub to consider interim support for persons affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) who cannot access public funds due to restrictions on their immigration leave.”

“Finally, we are tirelessly working to ensure that the most current information is being cascaded to relevant stakeholders in the sector, and we are engaging with local community groups to understand the situation on a grassroots level.”