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Funeral service for Ronnie Vellem

The Law Centre will be closed on Monday 7 March as we say goodbye to our beloved colleague, Ronnie Vellem.

Since Ronnie’s death, we have been reflecting on the huge difference that he made to people’s lives.

This is summed up beautifully in a recent ‘Lives Remembered’ piece in the Irish News, which described Ronnie perfectly as a “big man with a huge heart and a passion for helping others”. It is a wonderful tribute to a man who had experienced persecution and dedicated his life to helping others following a similar path.

Law Centre NI Director, Ursula O’Hare, said: “Ronnie knew how to build community and in his quiet, gentle and unassuming way without fanfare or fuss, he understood that his contribution could change people’s lives.”

Poignantly, two of Ronnie’s cases concluded this week which, quite simply, made a real difference to the lives of his clients. In just one week, two cases where people are now better off because of Ronnie’s work – and there are countless others.

We will celebrate Ronnie’s achievements and his legacy in the weeks ahead, but, for today, we remember a colleague and a friend who will be desperately missed and think about his family and his many friends in Northern Ireland, in Zimbabwe and further afield who are mourning his loss.

Ronald Vellem: A tireless passion for helping others – The Irish News

The Law Centre will reopen at 9am on Tuesday 8 March.