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OFMDFM active ageing strategy launched today

OFMDFM has launched its Active Ageing Strategy today.

The Law Centre fed into the strategy through the participation of our Assistant Director (Policy and Communications) Ursula O'Hare in the Ageing Strategy Advisory Group. The Group was chaired by Claire Keatinge, the former Commissioner for Older People.

Tbhe vision is of "Northern Ireland being an age friendly region in which people, as they get older, are valued and supported to live actively to their fullest potential; with their rights respected and their dignity protected."

The strategy is to be implemented through the Delivering Social Change Initiative through a series of actions detailed in Annex B of the report. It involves two phases:

- a first phase of actions for which funding have been identified: covering age-friendly environments, fuel poverty, fear of crime, engagement, digital inclusion, a volunteering strategy, care and dementia services phase 1, aprenticeship, education and leisure, discrimination, decision making and mental capacity, 

- a second phase of actions for which funding remains to be secured: benefit uptake, accessible homes in the public sector, care and dementia services phase 2, quality of life in care homes, support for carers, and employment opportunities.

The report states: 

"OFMDFM will also liaise with its Ageing Strategy Advisory Group, which includes older people and members of groups representing the interests of older people.

We will explore with this group, which has played such an important role in providing advice during the development of this Strategy, whether it will provide a monitoring and review role of the delivery of the strategy through meetings with Junior Ministers and officials.

We will also make arrangements to enable older people directly to be involved in the monitoring of how the Strategy is implemented and to have direct access to appropriate officials."



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