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Professional Learning

Supporting the advice sector with a new range of Professional Learning workshops

Are you guiding clients through the process of Managed Migration? New to supporting refugees and asylum seekers arriving in Northern Ireland? Would you like to know more about the Employment Tribunal process?

Our new schedule of Professional Learning courses offers advisers the opportunity to build upon their professional skills and develop their knowledge of Social Security, Immigration and Employment matters.

The workshops are specifically designed to cover a range of current issues facing advisers who are working to meet the information and advice needs of local communities in Northern Ireland.

“Amazing range and depth of trainer knowledge.”

Courses include:

  • An Introduction to Managed Migration looking at the Universal Credit Managed Migration roll out for people currently receiving tax credits only.

Learn more in our short video.

  • An Introduction to PIP and completing the PIP2 form covering the basics of Personal Independence Payment.

Learn more in our short video.

  • A Guide to Completing an ET1 form which takes you through the legal requirements that you will need to complete an Employment Tribunal Application.

Learn more in our short video.

  • An Introduction to Universal Credit designed to support individuals to understand the process of making a claim for Universal Credit.

Learn more in our short video.

  • Lunch & Learn: Cost of Living Support Session highlighting key benefits, grants, and schemes to help people deal with the financial difficulties arising as a result of the cost-of-living crisis.

Learn more in our short video.

  • Lunch & Learn: A Guide to Coming to Northern Ireland to help you understand the key terms, journey, and processes that refugees, migrants and EU citizens have to go through when they arrive in Northern Ireland.

Learn more in our short video.

  • Using Office 365 to improve Access to Justice looking at how charities and community organisations can use Office 365 to create practical solutions to help them overcome the barriers they face as they provide key services.

Learn more in our short video.

We can also work with your organisation to design and deliver bespoke training in the areas of Social Security, Immigration and Employment.

You can browse all our training courses and book online on our Professional Learning webpage.

“Very clear, educational, and engaging session.”