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Updated May 2022: Information and advice for Ukrainians arriving in Northern Ireland

13th May, 2022

The Law Centre continues to provide information and advice to Ukrainians arriving in Northern Ireland through the Ukraine Scheme (Homes for Ukraine/Family Scheme).

Many Ukrainians are arriving in Northern Ireland through Dublin Airport in order to avail of cheaper and more frequent flights. As the Republic of Ireland has temporarily waived all visa restrictions for Ukrainians, whereas the UK has not, this has presented challenges in terms of immigration status. The Home Office has introduced a process designed to address this issue.

Below you will find a range of documents which we have prepared to help Ukrainians arriving in Northern Ireland to navigate the process:

Obtaining UK Entry Stamps: briefing which outlines the process whereby Ukrainians arriving in Northern Ireland can obtain UK Entry Stamps.

Ukraine Scheme and UK Entry Stamps

Програма для українців та штамп про в'їзд до Великобританії

Украинская схема и штемпель о въезде в Великобританию

Identity documents:  provides examples of the typical Ukrainian identity documents that Ukrainians are likely to have.

Immigration documents:  provides examples of documentation Ukrainians arriving in Northern Ireland will receive from the Home Office during the visa application process e.g. sample letters, Entry Clearance vignettes, UK and Irish Entry Stamps and documents provided to migrant workers.

Visa Process flowchart: an easy-to-follow flow chart highlighting key actions and responsibilities under the Ukraine Scheme. For example: when to provide biometrics and collect biometric residence permits.

Book Biometric Appointment:  information on completing the visa application and booking Biometric appointment from within Northern Ireland.

Заповніть заявку на отримання візи за програмою для українців та запишіться на подачу біометричних даних

Заполните вашу заявку на визу по Украинской схеме и закажите назначение для снятия биометрических данных

A new Ukraine Extension Scheme is now available for Ukrainian Seasonal workers already living in Northern Ireland.  This provides a 3 year visa that allows you to live, work and study in the UK.  

For more information, see our Legal Information Briefing here

Програма продовження візи для українців

Продление Украинской схемы

Newly arrived Ukrainians are also invited to attend the Ukraine Assistance Centres which are taking place across Northern Ireland. This is an excellent way to register for essential public services including healthcare, education, social security and information about immigration processes. More information here.