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Response: Gillen review of civil justice (2016)

We welcome the bold recommendations proposed by the Gillen Review of Civil Justice. Where possible, we would like the proposed innovations to be applied to the Tribunal system - not just to the courts.

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Response: Scope of civil legal aid (2015)

We argue that Department of Justice should not remove employment, immigration or social security from the scope of civil legal aid. If DoJ does proceed with the current proposals then essential protections need to be in place.

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Response: Draft legal complaints and regulations (2014)

We make a number of suggestions for improving legal complaints including: extending the powers of the Legal Services Oversight Commissioner; ensuring that Bar Council and Law Society appointments are publicly advertised; recognising that legal redress is not always the desired outcome; and increasing the amounts of compensation.

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Report: Structural tribunal reform (2011)

Following the publication of the 2010 report Redressing users’ disadvantage, commissioned by Law Centre NI, this research project is directed towards making recommendations on structural aspects of tribunal reform in Northern Ireland. The proposals relate to three broad topics - jurisdictions, judicial leadership, and overview.

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Report: Redressing users' disadvantage - proposals for tribunal reform in NI (2010)

This project seeks to provide a package of reform proposals for tribunals in Northern Ireland. It was prompted by Law Centre NI's perception of disadvantage faced by users of tribunals in Northern Ireland compared with users in Great Britain.

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Response: Fundamental legal aid review (2010)

The Law Centre welcomes the Review’s recognition of the role played by the voluntary sector in delivering legal services. We set out a number of principles should be adopted for a mixed model.

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