Information on Brexit

Law Centre NI is working to inform and advise those who will be affected by Brexit, in particular EU/EEA nationals living and working in NI or in border areas in the Republic of Ireland...

As a result of the UK referendum vote to leave the European Union (EU) in June 2016, many EU and EEA nationals and their families are concerned about their right to remain in Northern Ireland. Law Centre’s Immigration and Asylum Law team has been working to communicate information and advice to those who will be affected by Brexit. It is important that citizens understand their legal rights and that they understand the ‘Settled Status’ process.

The Institute for Conflict Research’s Brexit and eYou project has highlighted EU and EEA nationals' worries about Brexit’s potential impact on their economic and social rights, such as their right: to continue to live and work in Northern Ireland with their dependants; to access health and education, and to claim state pensions.

The Brexit and eYou project aims to support EU nationals (including those workers based in the border regions who work, or access services, in Northern Ireland) to engage with decision-makers and to build their capacity to advocate for protection of their rights. We encourage anyone with concerns to contact political representatives to ensure that their voice is heard.

The Brexit area of our website (designed in collaboration with the Institute for Conflict Research) contains: