Housing matters

Response: Social housing allocations (2018)

In this partial response, we welcome the proposal to introduce an independent housing service and to align the selection scheme with the social size criteria ('bedroom tax'). We also support Housing Rights' suggestion of replacing the intimidation points scheme with a trauma model. It is important that legislation and practices meet the needs of victims of trafficking and family reunion refugees.

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Response: Housing benefit and state pension credit (temporary absence) regulations (2016)

In this joint submission with Housing Rights to the Social Security Advisory Committee, we reject DWP’s plans to reduce the period of allowable absences from outside Great Britain from 13 to 4 weeks. If the changes do proceed, the Department should monitor the impact of these Regulations given their potential impact.

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Response: Rates rebates (2015)

In this joint submission with Housing Rights to the Department for Finance and Personnel, we support the Department’s proposal to link rate rebates to Universal Credit but highlight the need to make discretionary funds available for people experiencing difficulty paying their rates.

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Response: Housing benefit (habitual residence) regulations (2014)

In this response to the Social Security Advisory Committee, we argue that removing the entitlement of EEA jobseekers to Housing Benefit risks homelessness and may particularly affect vulnerable groups.

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Response: rates rebates and Universal Credit (2014)

In this joint submission with Housing Rights to the NI Committee for Finance and Personnel, we consider the merits of the Department’s different models of ‘passporting’ different categories of claimants for Universal Credit and rate rebates purposes.

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Response: Rates rebates – preliminary comments (2013)

There is an opportunity for Northern Ireland to develop a progressive and tailored rate support scheme. We support the sub option 1.1 approach and offsetting savings from additional schemes being made towards the cost of maintaining the existing scheme in the short term

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