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Migrant health and social care

Briefing: Urgent action required to end asylum seeker destitution (2017)

This Refugee & Asylum Forum briefing calls for a political commitment to protect asylum seekers from destitution. We explain how the implementation of the Immigration Act 2016 could make more asylum seekers homeless and destitute. Northern Ireland must act quickly.

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Briefing: Access to social care for destitute migrants - need for guidance and pathways (2017)

While destitute migrants may have some entitlement to social care, the lack of departmental guidance and agreed pathways makes it extremely difficult for them to obtain the necessary services.

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Briefing: New regulations governing access to healthcare for migrants in NI (2015)

As of 3 March 2015, new regulations on access to health care for migrants are in place in Northern Ireland. This briefing provides a summary of the new legislation. The regulations themselves are detailed and assessing a person’s entitlement to healthcare can be fairly complicated.

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Briefing: Accessing healthcare for migrants in Northern Ireland: problems and solutions (2013)

Migrants living in Northern Ireland face an acute disadvantage compared to their counterparts in Great Britain with regards to accessing primary healthcare. This disparity risks patients’ health, public health and creates difficulties for medical and social work staff. We call on DHSSPS to remove the Ordinarily Resident test for primary care.

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Response: Migrants’ access to primary healthcare (2013)

Urgent action is needed to address the current framework that bars some migrant groups from accessing primary healthcare. We also recommend that DHSSPS extends access to secondary care for some groups.

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Briefing: An estimate of the number of refused asylum seekers in NI (2013)

We provide an estimate of the number of refused asylum seekers in NI. This is relevant for work around access to healthcare for asylum seekers.

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