Modern slavery and human trafficking

Response: Access to benefits for victims of trafficking (2017)

The Department for Communities should take a proactive approach to ensure that victims of trafficking have access to social security benefits. Currently European victims are at a disadvantage to their non-European counterparts. Lack of access to benefits risks susceptibility to further exploitation.

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Response: Independent anti-slavery commissioner and NRM (2017)

It is necessary to improve legal redress for victims of labour exploitation; extending the tribunal time limits would be a helpful start.

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Briefing: Legal remedies for victims of labour exploitation (2017)

This briefing outlines the legal remedies available for victims of labour exploitation and makes suggestions to improve the compensation system.

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Briefing: Department of Justice’s draft human trafficking strategy (2016)

We welcome the Department’s multifaceted approach to tackling modern slavery. We make a number of suggestions in relation to the Department’s draft Human Trafficking Strategy (2016-17).

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Response: Inspection into Border Force’s treatment of potential victims of trafficking (2016)

We highlight the extremely low rate of trafficking referrals from Border Force, which suggests that victims are not promptly being identified. We recommend a number of issues for the Inspector to improve identification.

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Response: NI human trafficking and exploitation strategy (2015)

We suggest a number of amendments / new initiatives for Department of Justice’s Human Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy. We are particularly keen to ensure that all victims of exploitation (whether victims of trafficking or forced labour) have the same entitlement to support and assistance.

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Response: GRETA’s second evaluation of the UK’s progress on anti-trafficking (2015)

This response to the second visit of the Group of Experts (GRETA) who monitor the implementation of the Council of Europe’s Trafficking notes a number of positive anti-trafficking developments in Northern Ireland but also highlight issues that need addressing.

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Briefing: Forms of modern slavery: human trafficking and forced labour (2015)

In spring 2015, the UK passed the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The Act brings together different types of exploitation under the banner of modern slavery. Human trafficking and forced labour are both included, which are overlapping but different concepts. This briefing explains both concepts and suggests that we need to take a broader view of forced labour.

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Briefing: Review of the national referral mechanism (2014)

We call for significant reform of the National Referral Mechanism, including removing the Competent Authority role from the Home Office; putting the NRM on a statutory footing and introducing a right of appeal for those who get a negative decision.

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Response: Thoughts on the Morrow trafficking bill (2013)

The Morrow Trafficking Bill contains a number of innovative features: it has potential to protect victims of forced labour as well as victims of human trafficking; it gives victims a clear legislative entitlement to support and assistance; it provides for a child trafficking guardian and creates a Northern Ireland rapporteur. We believe all these provisions would be extremely valuable.

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Response: GRETA’s first evaluation of the UK’s progress on anti-trafficking (2011)

This response to the first visit of the Group of Experts (GRETA) who monitor the implementation of the Council of Europe’s Trafficking Convention highlights a number of our concerns including about the identification of victims.

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Law Centre NI response to the DOJ Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Strategy 2021/22

Please click here to read our Response to the Department of Justice's Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Strategy 2021. We broadly welcome the Department’s approach to tackling modern slavery although we make a number of recommendations aimed at improving support for victims.

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