Protecting employment rights

Briefing: Self-employment and gig economy (2017)

We are concerned by the increase of ‘casual work’ (including zero hour contracts and agency workers) and the so-called gig economy as these can be methods by which employers seek to reduce their duties/liabilities to their workers. We also explain how the introduction of Universal Credit is going to cause particular difficulties for low earning self-employed workers.

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Response: Tribunal rules (2015)

While we welcome the intention of simplifying the Tribunal Rules, we are concerned that the draft rules only seek to address the symptoms of a very complex and adversarial process. The rules do not - and cannot - address the underlying problem, which is that the tribunal system has become a very complex and legalistic environment that is very difficult and unforgiving for tribunal users to navigate.

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Response: Public interest disclosure (2015)

A requirement on whistle blower regulators to report annually on the concerns raised by workers is generally a good idea.

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Response: Zero-hour contracts (2014)

The use of zero-hours contracts must be curtailed in situations where they are inappropriate. We suggest a model of regulation that achieves this whilst not disadvantaging employers who have a genuine need for casual work.

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Response: Employment law review (2013)

We welcome some of DEL’s innovations designed to improve the dispute resolution process, however, we call for bolder reform and outline our own proposal. We are very critical of the proposal to increase the unfair dismissal qualifying period and to introduce 'protected conversations'.

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Response: Sharing parental leave and extending flexible working (2013)

We welcome DEL’s proposals to allow couples to share their parental leave and to make the right to request flexible working more widespread.

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Response: Transfer of undertakings (protection of employment) (2013)

We urge BIS and DEL not to repeal regulations relating to TUPE. We explain that, although we have concerns about the TUPE framework, they primarily relate to the widespread deficiencies in relation to employer compliance, rather than deficiencies with the amendments. Repealing the regulations will reduce protection for workers.

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