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Social justice

Response: Special rapporteur for extreme poverty and human rights (2018)

We urge Professor Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur for Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, to visit Northern Ireland to hear from the Welfare Reform Group and others about our concerns around Universal Credit, procedural and administrative fairness, Brexit, austerity and issues faced by migrants.

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Response: Programme for government 2016-22 (2016)

We build on recommendations in our previous response. We urge Executive to prioritise improving childcare infrastructure, to commit to safeguarding access to independent advice, to tackle zero hour contracts and to seek to protect the rights of European nationals living in NI.

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Response: Programme for government initial comments (2016)

We commend the Department for what this draft Programme for Government is trying to achieve and we make a number of suggestions for additional indicators and measures. We look forward to the publication of the action plans, which are essential in order to make these ideas real and meaningful.

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Response: Towards a childcare strategy (2013)

Progress on a childcare strategy has been very slow to date. We outline some essential features and recommend that a statutory duty is developed.

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