Universal Credit (UC)

Response: Universal Credit: The Wait for a First Payment [April 2020]

In this response to the committee for work and pensions inquiry in to the five-week-wait, we make two recommendations, including the full abolition of the five-week-wait for universal credit.

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Response: Managed migration (2018)

From 2019 the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will commence managed migration, which involves moving claimants to Universal Credit from their legacy benefits. In this response to the Social Security Advisory Committee, we outline our grave concerns about the planned managed migration process. We propose a different process that would help ensure claimants retain access to Transitional Protection.

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Briefing: Protecting claimants through the migration process (2018)

This paper, endorsed by members of the Welfare Reform Group, makes a number of recommendations designed to better protect social security claimants who are moving to Universal Credit.

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Briefing: Explicit consent (2017)

Universal Credit changes the way that third parties / advisers can liaise with the Department on a claimant’s behalf. This paper explains the changes and urges the Department for Communities to agree a mechanism whereby third parties can continue to assist and support benefit claimants.

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Response: Universal Credit and help with health costs (2017)

We make a number of recommendations to the Department of Health including: to align the Help with Health Costs scheme with Transitional Protection to help mitigate against the loss of entitlement for Universal Credit and to commit to reviewing the scheme in 12 months time.

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Response: Universal Credit and free school meals and school uniforms (2017)

The introduction of Universal Credit affects eligibility to free school meals. We recommend that the Department for Communities adopt an interim position until at least July 2019 to ensure that children do not lose their entitlement
to free school meals.

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Response: Universal Credit and self employment (2017)

We explain how the introduction of Universal Credit is going to cause particular difficulties for low earning self-employed workers.

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Response: Rates rebates and Universal Credit (2014)

In this joint submission with Housing Rights to the NI Committee for Finance and Personnel, we consider the merits of the Department’s different models of ‘passporting’ categories of claimants for Universal Credit and rate rebates purposes.

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