Welfare reform

Briefing: Cliff Edge Coalition Briefing

The Cliff Edge Coalition NI is a group of over 100 organisations from across Northern Ireland who have come together to highlight their shared concerns about the potential ‘cliff edge’ of the end of the welfare reform mitigations in March 2020, and their fears about a range of new welfare challenges which have emerged since the original mitigations were introduced.

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Response: Written evidence to the joint inquiry into welfare reform in NI (2019)

This submission addresses a number of concerns in respect of the impact of welfare reform on poverty in NI, including families and those with disabilities. A number of case studies are set out in the appendix

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Response: Cliff Edge NI - joint inquiry into welfare policy in NI (2019)

This paper (submitted by Law Centre NI on behalf of the Cliff Edge NI coalition) draws from the collective experience of those working with, and in support of, those affected by the social security changes. The paper responds to a number of queries posed by the Joint Committee by way of preliminary general comments about social security in NI and the impact on certain groups. The paper then provides commentary in relation to a number of specific queries.

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Briefing: Mitigations on a cliff edge (2018)

This paper provides an overview of the operation of the mitigation arrangements and spending to date. It also identifies significant new and emerging areas - including areas which had previously fallen outside of the original scope of the mitigations - which are grouped as future priorities. The paper concludes by setting out three post-2020 options for consideration.

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Briefing: Discretionary support (2017)

The Discretionary Support Scheme was introduced November 2016. While the scheme provides important financial support to persons in urgent need, eligibility criteria mean it is not accessible to all who need it. We argue that vulnerability should the key determining factor for assessing eligibility rather than income.

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Briefing: Implementation of the Evason mitigations report (2016)

This briefing addresses the Committee for Social Development on the implementation of the mitigations set out in Professor Evason's Welfare Reform Mitigations Working Group Report.

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Briefing: Statutory right to independent advice (2015)

With NICVA and Consortium partners, we call for a statutory right to independent advice to be incorporated into the Welfare Reform Bill. This paper explains why this provision is needed.

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Response: Discretionary support (2013)

We argue that the new Discretionary Support Scheme should support those on employment as well as those in receipt of benefits but that eligibility should not be income-based alone.

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