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Advice in the Time of COVID

17th December, 2020 | 11:00am

Delivering advice remotely is not new - however, delivering advice only remotely is.

Even the most experienced advisers can find it challenging to deliver advice exclusively by phone and e-mail.

There are different skills required and issues with meeting client needs in the most effective way, whilst maintaining the quality of advice.

Advisers might ask: Do I complete the form whilst the client is on the phone, or do they complete the form whilst I am on the phone? Or do I email suggestions?

This webinar looked at these issues in the context of the Quality Standard, and consider how to support clients and advisers when remote working.

The webinar was held via zoom and will last for one hour, starting at 11:00am on Thursday 17th December 2020

To view the presentation delivered at the event, please click here. A full recording of the event is also available - please click here  and enter the passcode V2u#!2xs to view.

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