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"Ada's" story

Securing visa extensions for migrant workers

Ada contacted the Law Centre after having problems extending her skilled worker visa. Delays with her employer providing the necessary documents meant that her visa had expired before she could apply for an extension.

When Ada came to us, she had just seven days to submit a late application. She urgently needed our guidance and was extremely worried about what would happen to her and her young daughter if they overstayed their visa.

Our immigration team liaised with Ada’s employer to obtain the missing information and we wrote a letter explaining her circumstances to the Home Office. Having submitted a late application on her behalf, we were able to reassure Ada and her employer that she had a continued right to work while she was waiting for her application to be processed.

Three months later the applications were processed, and Ada obtained a new work visa and a visa for her daughter.

“I am humbly here to thank you again for your continued support.”