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Highlighting the work of the Cliff Edge Coalition at the launch of Coalition of Christian Voices Against Poverty

On 30 January representatives from the Cliff Edge Coalition joined leaders from diverse Christian churches and voluntary and community organisations across Northern Ireland at the official launch of the Coalition of Christian Voices Against Poverty.

The Coalition is a group of over 30 diverse Christian organisations and churches which have joined together to stand against poverty and economic inequality in Northern Ireland.

Featuring expert speakers including Lynda Gould from NICVA’s Faith Engagement Programme and Reverend Brian Anderson from East Belfast Mission, the launch provided an ideal opportunity for the Cliff Edge Coalition to speak to a wide audience on our three key asks and how they would help lift people out of poverty in Northern Ireland.

Sarah Corrigan from Law Centre NI spoke about the history of the Cliff Edge and why our three key asks are important at a time when social security rules are pushing people further into debt and destitution.  Dr Ciara Fitzpatrick from Ulster University and academic adviser to the Cliff Edge Coalition provided a “state of the nation” talk on where we are in law and policy to protect those living in poverty.

At the launch, we also showed a short video about the Cliff Edge Coalition’s three key asks and how they could help lift people out of poverty.

The launch was held as news emerged about the potential return of the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive, and we now look forward to hearing next steps towards a possible restoration of the devolved institutions so that urgent progress can start to be made on tackling deepening poverty and protecting people from social security cuts and the cost of living crisis.