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Migration Justice Project statement on Nationality and Borders Act

On 28 June, the Nationality and Borders Act came into effect.

Liz Griffith from the Migration Justice Project at Law Centre NI said: “We have said before, this is an Act which will cause real anguish and suffering to refugees and asylum seekers – people who are fleeing war, conflict and persecution and who come to the UK seeking safety and sanctuary. It completely undermines established international refugee protection rules and practices. Significantly, it denies refugee protection for people who do not arrive in the United Kingdom through “regular” means – despite the fact that safe and legal routes to sanctuary are not always available.

Refugees and asylum seekers deserve a system that provides them with the safety and security that they need. They not only deserve a system like this, but they are entitled to it under international law.

We are dismayed at the UK Government’s hostile immigration policies, but we will continue to stand together with all those refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland as they begin the journey towards rebuilding their lives. We ask the Northern Ireland Executive to use the full reach of its powers to make Northern Ireland a place where refugees and asylum seekers are welcomed without prejudice”.