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Access to Justice and Human Rights

Reflections from our Director

Ursula O'Hare Director of Law Centre NI
Law Centre NI Director, Ursula O'Hare

Welcome to our new website!  We hope that it shows just how much the Law Centre matters.  It is a vital resource for making people’s rights real even in the midst of upheaval.  Every day we see how lives can be transformed because we have resolved a problem or taken a case through to representation in tribunal or court in order to seek justice for our client.

This year, we have faced an unprecedented demand for our legal services. With the generous support of our funders, we have been able to increase our capacity to support more people throughout Northern Ireland.

You might like to read about our Migration Justice Project which is focused on resolving migrants’ status so they can start building their lives in a new community here.  Our policy work in this field has been catalytic in mobilising others to campaign against unfair changes in the immigration system.

We are always looking ahead to the next generation of social justice lawyers. We are thrilled, therefore, to welcome our third Justice First Fellowship to the Law Centre. This scheme is a vital way of ensuring that there will be a pipeline of new social justice lawyers for the future.

The work we do is only possible because of the generous support we receive from our funders. We thank them all for their acknowledgement that specialist legal services change lives and their confidence in supporting us to do just

Enjoy the website.  We will be developing it further over the coming months and we look forward to bringing you more news and client stories about the work of the Law Centre.