Brexit case studies

These case studies outline the main concerns of EU/EEA nationals in relation to education, healthcare, pensions, residency and work.

Following the UK referendum vote to leave the European Union (EU), many EU and EEA nationals and their families are concerned about their right to remain in Northern Ireland.

The Institute for Conflict Research’s Brexit and eYou project has highlighted the worries of EU/EEA nationals regarding Brexit’s potential impact on their economic and social rights (including the right: to continue to live and work in Northern Ireland with their dependants; to access health and education; and to claim state pensions).

The case studies below provide details of some of the main concerns of EU and EEA nationals.

Brexit case studies: education

Concerns relating to education include:

  • ‘Will my French citizen daughters be entitled to study and receive education grants from the Northern Ireland education authorities after the UK leaves the EU?’
  • 'If my daughter becomes an Irish citizen where will she stand in relation to student loans?'
  • 'Will my daughter be able to come to NI to live with me after she finishes her studies in Hungary?'
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Brexit case studies: access to health care

Concerns relating to health care include:

  • ‘Will I qualify for healthcare post-Brexit?’
  • ‘Will I be entitled to use my EHIC card to access free emergency healthcare in Northern Ireland post-Brexit?’
  • ‘My non-EU mother-in-law needs our support and access to healthcare in Northern Ireland.’
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Brexit case studies: pensions

Concerns relating to pensions include:

  • ‘After Brexit, will the 10 years I spent working and paying tax and insurance abroad be counted towards my UK state pension?’
  • 'How will my pension payments be affected by Brexit?’
  • ‘Will the UK authorities honour my pension payments from Bulgaria in the future?’
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Brexit case studies: residency

Concerns relating to residency include:

  • 'Will my low income and lack of savings be a barrier to my application for settled status?'
  • What evidence must I produce to prove my right to remain or achieve settled status?'
  • 'We are not married - what proof will be required to prove that we have a durable relationship and Julie is my family member?’
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Brexit case studies: work

Concerns relating to work include:

  • ‘The UK government is saying that I have to now apply to have my EU Treaty rights [...] recognised!’
  • ‘I live in Newry and work in the Republic; will I continue to qualify for rights provided under the EU Treaty rights'
  • ‘I’m scared that if I apply now for citizenship, the rules will change and I’ll have to start over again.'
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