Migrants and benefits

Briefing: Access to benefits for victims of trafficking (2017)

The Department for Communities should take a proactive approach to ensure that victims of trafficking have access to social security benefits. Currently, European victims are at a disadvantage to their non European counterparts. Lack of access to benefits risks susceptibility to further exploitation.

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Response: Modern slavery inquiry - access to social security benefits (2016)

In this response to a (national) modern slavery inquiry, we argue that it is essential that recognised European victims of slavery have immediate access to social security benefits. We highlight a number of positive Northern Ireland initiatives that could potentially be replicated elsewhere. While these initiatives were developed in the context of refugees, we think that they could also be useful for victims of slavery.

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Briefing: Time to act - refugees and delays with benefits (2016)

Newly-recognised refugees facing long delays in receiving their benefits has long been a problem. Delays cause much hardship for refugees and their families and put a considerable strain on charitable organisations. The picture is fairly complex and there are many factors that cause delays for refugees. This paper summarises the issues and proposes three next steps towards resolving this problem.

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