Useful contacts and resources

In this section you will find additional sources of information on your rights and entitlements after Brexit.

Centre for Cross Border Studies / Border People

The Border People website (a resource provided by the Centre for Cross Border Studies) provides practical information for people crossing the border to live, work, study or retire. The website provides a signposting service to a wide range of (single jurisdiction) information sources; the most popular of which relate to social security, taxation, welfare benefits, healthcare, pensions, and motoring.

Citizens Information (Ireland)

Citizens Information has an information page on the current situation in relation to Brexit.

EU Citizens' Rights

EU Citizens' Rights provides information on how Brexit may impact EU citizens living in the UK, and actions that EU citizens may need to take. The site also has details of free support and events being offered across the UK, and a facility for community organisations to request a solicitor to speak (free of charge) at their local information event.

European Commission

The European Commission Representation in the UK webpage has information on citizens’ rights and Brexit, including answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions.

European Movement Ireland

European Movement Ireland has compiled a useful glossary of Brexit-related terms. This guide is not meant to be exhaustive but is designed to help the public to follow and better understand the negotiations. Although a number of the terms are more relevant to those living in the Republic of Ireland, the glossary will also be useful to people living in Northern Ireland.

Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA)

ILPA is a professional association whose members practise in immigration, asylum and nationality law. ILPA has produced a series of information sheets providing a short, accessible overview of EU rights of residence, and the issues affecting citizens from the EEA and Switzerland (and their family members living in the UK) in the context of Brexit.

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI)

JCWI is an independent national charity based in the UK. It exists to campaign for justice in immigration, nationality and refugee law, and policy. Its mission is to promote justice, fairness and equality in immigration and asylum law and policy.

Law Society of Northern Ireland

The Law Society of Northern Ireland has a directory of solicitors which shows solicitors by category of law and location. To find a solicitor offering immigration advice in your area select 'immigration' in the ‘select a category’ box and your town in the ‘select a location’ box. Remember to ask the solicitor what fee you will be charged.

Migrant Centre NI (MCNI)

MCNI's overall aim is to tackle racism and eliminate barriers against new and settled migrant communities in Northern Ireland. MCNI employs bilingual support workers who: provide advice and advocacy in relation to financial health and wellbeing; and support victims of racist hate crimes and incidents. For further information, contact:

Financial health and wellbeing issues

Hate crime and discrimination issues (across Northern Ireland)

Development work and immigrationissues(across Northern Ireland)

MCNI provides level 1 immigration advice. For more complex immigration or legal matters contact Law Centre NI.

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)

The OISC is a statutory non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Home Office. It regulates immigration advisers in the UK, ensuring they meet its standards, are fit and competent, and act in the best interest of their clients.

Only solicitors and organisations which are accredited with the OISC can legally give immigration advice. OISC maintains an online register of regulated immigration advisers You can access this register to find an adviser in your area. Remember to ask the adviser whether or not they charge a fee.

OISC advisers in Northern Ireland include MCNI, STEP, and some local advice centres.

South Tyrone Empowerment Project (STEP)

STEP’s Law and Migrant Rights Centre provides free professional legal advice and information in the areas of immigration, employment, social security, housing, and education. Appointments are necessary. Free language support is available.


the3million is a not-for-profit organisation formed after the Brexit referendum to protect the lives of EU citizens who have made the UK their home. It aims to offer a support network for EU citizens living in the UK. As well as working with politicians and the UK Government to guarantee the rights of all EU citizens in the UK (and British citizens living in other member states), the organisation engages with businesses and public sector organisations to support their EU workers.

UK Government

The UK Government’s Brexit section on their website contains information on policy changes, steps you can take to prepare for Brexit, and updates on regulations.